Get an addiction to have a drama filled adventurous but maybe painful and short life!

How to get one.

The best way to get one is to grow up in a less than happy family and have a traumatic childhood. Having a an addicted or dominating parent will help a lot. What will happen is you will feel scared a lot when you parent do things you don’t like and learn how-to live-in fear. And then you will find that something, some magic potion (eg. alcohol, sugar ,gambling, crack) will make that fear go away for a while and you will feel powerful, relaxed, lovable and have FUN. So you liked it and would like to get some more of it, again and again. So you do it again and again and gradually notice that you need more and more of it to get the same amount of FUN. What you don’t notice or don’t care about is the impact it is having on your life,

Do you want to stop acting out on your addiction?

Do you really want to stop? There is a lot of pain in stopping and its only when the pain of stopping gets less than the pain of going on that you might develop the willingness to take the humbling actions necessary. One of the snags is most active addicts don’t realize the pain and suffering they are in. A lot of alcoholics prefer living under a bridge so that they can get drunk without being bothered to going to a detox where they won’t be able to drink.

But there is ONE VERY BIG SNAG. Each of the addictions comes with some devastating side effects and consequences. Alcoholics get DUI’s, swollen livers, gate legs and may have to be locked up. Sugar addicts get diabetes and lose toes and eyesight. Crack users run out of money etc. At first these side-effects are not too bad and can be put up with. (It’s called denial). And you think you can stop anytime.
BUT WHEN YOU TRY TO STOP, you find you can’t stay stopped.

So you go round and round on this merry go round, use ,stop, use, stop, use stop…………

How to stay stopped.

You may have tried to stay stop by yourself many times. If you read this far you most probably have realized that this doesn’t work for you (and the rest of us addicts either)

So if you can swallow enough of your pride, you have to

ASK FOR HELP from a person who seems to know how to stay stopped.

What makes it even worse for your pride, asking for help only works if you|
Yes this is sometimes strange and hard but it’s the only way that seems to work.
It’s hard taking the humbling actions they suggest you take but it seems to be the only way to being able to stay stopped.

How to enjoy the fact that you are an addict who has stopped.

“We are not a glum lot” it says somewhere. Come and enjoy being with us as we trudge the road to happy destiny. Look at this list and attend a meeting of one that looks right for you. It won’t cost you anything. Just look scared and people will come and welcome you.

Don Quixote and Sancho thank you.

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